Out in the Sun


MNIS Employment Services strengthen one’s sense of purpose.

Employment provides a primary way for a person to become a productive community member. MNIS Employment services vary by the needs of the individual and range from one-on-one job coaching to employment with a job crew. We also offer job placement in our sheltered workshops, which do piece work on a contract basis with various community businesses.

Employment instills a greater sense of pride in the people we serve, and their communities appreciate the money that comes back into their local economies with every paycheck.

Specialized Employment Services

Through full- or part-time employment in the Developmental Center, individuals receive opportunities to strengthen the developmental and vocational skills they need to move into an integrated community living environment. Employees are paid to do piece work on jobs contracted by MNIS with area and regional businesses.

Supported Employment

Mid-Nebraska has job placement specialists who provide assistance to individuals seeking full- or part-time employment in the community. MNIS job coaches assist the individuals in successfully adjusting to workplace demands and provide ongoing support.

Work Station in Industry

Work Station in Industry provides individuals with training for more highly skilled positions in a factory or other business while under the oversight and support of MNIS staff. Individuals may work full- or part-time in the work crew of a factory or other business. MNIS also has mobile work crews, which are groups of individuals who come to a business and work as a team under the supervision of MNIS staff.

Out in the Sun