Teaching Is Our Business

MNIS was incorporated in 1970 by a group of concerned citizens in partnership with the county boards from each of the 22 counties served by Mid-Nebraska. There was an unmet need for community based services in Central Nebraska as an alternative to institutionalization of persons with developmental disabilities. Prior to 1970, the only local services were voluntary efforts by parents and others through the local ARC's. The start-up of services in 1970 resulted from a concerted effort for funding from county boards, the Nebraska legislature and the federal government.

Over the years, the services provided by MNIS have evolved and changed, reflecting the increasing expectations for greater choices, decision making and involvement in community life. Large group homes are a thing of the past, replaced by more personalized environments for 1-3 people. Sheltered employment is just one option in an array of employment services that includes work crews in a variety of businesses and factories, job placement, and on-the-job training. The emphasis is on supporting an active lifestyle focusing on individual preferences and needs. As needs change, services change to meet those needs.